Elaine Shanahan is excited to offer a new type of Kinesiology treatment. BioKinesiology is a complimentary therapy that focuses on noncommunicable pathologies and conditions affecting many people in society today. It uses traditional muscle testing techniques to determine the cause of many conditions affecting people today. Elaine is currently vice chairperson of the Biokinesiology Association of Ireland.

As a qualified beauty therapist and massage therapist Elaine has been teaching in the health and beauty industry for more than 10 years, Elaine specializes in advanced skin care Elaine has a particular interest in acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dehydration (TEWL) and other common skin complaints. As the national trainer for over 14 brands Elaine has the experience and expertise to ensure you get results fast. At K Therapy we are not committed to one brand of skincare and like to offer a global approach based on needs, finances and skin disorder.

Elaine is also dedicated to offering high level of deep and relaxing massage therapy. Often incorporating hot stones, herbal pouches and other massage tools Elaine aims to ensure all stress and tension melts away after each massage. The benefits of massage are widely known.